‘Use with Caution: may have potential side effects’ – Aiken and Alter, two book reviews

Research so far has resulted me in acquiring a stack of books. Potentially enough to operate as a piece of occasional furniture. Not a change to my lifestyle as I am a self-confessed bibliophile -  the more books around me the happier I am. But to put my affliction to some purpose, other than bowing bookshelves and keeping… Continue reading ‘Use with Caution: may have potential side effects’ – Aiken and Alter, two book reviews


True Story: An Overdue Apology to Stephen Fry

It's taken years to subconsciously process the event, and realise my faux pas: the insult I had no doubt delivered to the true writer, bard, sage that is Stephen Fry. So, to Stephen Fry, I apologise.

Inconsistencies and Contradictions

In starting to unravel my tangled thoughts regarding social media and cyberpsychology, I have noticed a few contradictions. Cognitive dissonance is the term for it - pairing an opinion with a conflicting set of actions. We justify our actions, knowing they might disagree with our beliefs. I am guilty of just that - cognitive dissonance - and I… Continue reading Inconsistencies and Contradictions

Fear of the Future (A): 1999 in retrospect

You're living in a dream world, Neo.... What can The Matrix tell us of the pre-millennial anxiety of the future? Enter Jean Baudrillard's 'desert of the real' (Simulacra and Simulation [1988]), as poignantly referenced by Morpheus. Depicted on screen as a wasteland, the simulated world of the Matrix connotes Bauldrillard's fall of empires, in this case the result of man's battle… Continue reading Fear of the Future (A): 1999 in retrospect

Part 2: Denying Reality

21st C. Dee started my tumbles down the rabbit hole, ending up in the realms of cyberpsychology. I've started examining the conflicting online bios of individuals in the skirts of my social circle, which has left me with far more questions than I originally anticipated. Are we addicted to complaining online? Specifically, the compulsion to update our online… Continue reading Part 2: Denying Reality

Dexterity Champion: In Three Moments

I recently discovered the existence of the Ultimate Typing Championship. Seriously. Conduct a search on Google if you too are struck by the same disbelief I was. The clatter of keys must be a roar! The RSI requiring months of tedious rehabilitation! In the past, I too have (albeit a very limited) experiences of competitive typing. These moments… Continue reading Dexterity Champion: In Three Moments

Passport Screens and Windowless Eyes

'The eyes are the window to the soul' - that old phrase, which most people will have heard, seems antiquated in an age where conversations can be held regardless of proximity. It's already well noted that technology is impacting our ability to make and sustain eye contact, so, in windowless time, how are we connecting… Continue reading Passport Screens and Windowless Eyes