Full exposure, in five points 

So yes, I am attempting to maintain this blog as an anonymous experiment. To start writing again. To share words and thoughts. To get feedback, converse, debate. 

However, for this daily prompt post, I am willing to leave a part of me exposed. Here are five things I currently value:

– Friends. In the truest sense of the word, those I trust and hold dear. I may not see them as often as I would like, as a side effect of life is that people move following careers, lives with partners, family. We all grow older, but those few I hold dear are amazing. 

– Family. More than just friends to me, I feel extremely lucky that fate granted me with these unique, fascinating, loving and loved individuals. Again, geography doesn’t enable contact as frequently as I would like, but the moments we share are beyond dear to me. 

– Books. In hard form. I was once offered a Kindle as a gift, and had to explain that books are permanent, treasurable objects. They line my shelves, acting as embellishment. It’s easier to recall a phrase, quote, line when my brain forms a visual image of its location on paper. 

– Work. Not that I would have ever thought I would say this a decade ago, but where I am now, with a path for progression, in a place that I can be myself, has boosted my confidence beyond count. There will always be uncertainty, but right now I appreciate where I am and the chances I have been given. 

– Music. Always. One of my regrets is that I have never fully committed to an instrument, but hearing others convey thoughts, emotions, and demonstrating their passion in such an intimate way is inspiring. No matter the day, music always aides a positive outlook for me. I am always pleased to explore and discover new artists, genres and styles. Much like reading, this journey is endless and exciting in its opportunities. 


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