Lost in the Wilderness

Straying from the main path of the blog, I’m trying something different.  This is my current ‘desk’ – books, coffee, portable tech upon which I am typing these empty words.
It was a long Easter weekend, travelling, family, friends, far too much good food and wine, an abundance of conversation and humour.  And yet, I must confess, I find long stretches of social activity exhausting. I need time to recharge, be alone, think, potter without being accountable to anyone else. Knowing this fact all too well, I secretly put today aside for myself – a holiday from work, life, needing to interact, being in demand. Perhaps I am antisocial, but I believe this is more the burden of an introvert. 

Books, coffee, music. My morning. 

And I have grown to like my company. I enjoy the hobbies I engage in, the way my mind wanders and connects strings of thoughts together to grant an ephiphany moment. ‘Myself’, I have learnt only recently, is a friend to ‘Me’ and ‘I’. 


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