The Fortune of Being Without

Time seems to be accelerating. I remember when the school holidays dragged – days felt like weeks, and finding activities to occupy the time was not always easy. Now, the days slip by – hours flash past, and sometimes it’s a challenge to recall the correct year.

Recently, we had serendipity of internet downtime at my home – I am as guilty as the other inhabitant in that I rely on its service to augment the hours between work and sleep. But I am also able to put my technology down, out of eyesight, and read for hours. It is not a requirement for my leisure time to be connected, at every moment, but I do take it for granted when internet is ‘just there’, existing, functioning.

When we discovered we were lacking the link to the internet, there was a moment of panic from my companion. Not willing to admit defeat, they continued to check their social media over the phone network. I broke from my Sudoku (paper and pen I add!) and proposed a board game.

Scrabble: Ironically misspelt here, would have been my preference…

Those things we used to do as kids, that sit gathering dust in many houses. Monopoly, Scrabble, Cluedo, Trivial Pursuit. I opted for the latter, and, after some convincing, the phone was put down and we played.

Trivial Pursuit, Harry Potter edition: the compromise that evening

We shared quality time, jokes, discussions. We acted as enablers to each other’s cheating. We prompted each other to recall names (well, my co-Pursuiter provided me with an abundance of hints,,,), laughed, and whizzed through the deck of questions. The fortune of being without provided us with something more valuable: real connection. The sort that only happens when faced with another person. Collaborating, sharing, building on a relationship, eye-contact, real-time laugher. Turning cards, not scrolling feeds. Feeling something other than plastic, glass or metal in our hands.

The world does not stop when we take a pause. Time is so very short, and speeds past us intangibly. Let us appreciate the fortune of moments when we are without the comforts we have grown accustomed to; see these times as serendipitous, seek out new opportunities (and even revisit the fun and games of our childhoods).


4 thoughts on “The Fortune of Being Without”

  1. Someone just asked me yesterday if I own a board game, and I responded “No”. I enjoyed them, though. I really liked how you found some time to interact together in a different way (or rather an old way). I hope we all take some time to do something similar from time to time.

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