10 ways to defend your online territory

As part of the Daily Prompt – territory – today I am trying something a little different. 10 ways defend your online territory (I hope the sarcasm comes through!).

  1. Unfriend
    Regulate your online feeds by removing friends (and strangers) you disagree with. Who needs to be reminded of a difference of opinion?
  2. Delete
    Edit your posts and statuses by weeding out the comments that dare to criticise your content. Delete challenges to your rhetoric, differing points of view – this is your territory, so remember to defend it!
  3. Block
    Go one step further than just unfriend; make your online world sacred by hiding it from trespassers. If they can’t see it, your territory is a safe space for you and your like-minded comrades.
  4. Shame
    Shaming works especially well, and in conjunction with step 7, when you include a few links and tags. Inspire horror in your friendly troops by spinning evidence, quotes and comments in your favour. It’s your space, so you can interpret what’s said in response however you wish!
  5. Passive aggression
    Perhaps ‘someone’ has said ‘something’ and that ‘remark’ can be eluded to using passive aggressive statuses. For those true friends, who are in-the-know, this tactic will point fingers directly at the trespasser, and elicit the public shaming of that ‘someone’ without explicitly defaming their character.
  6. Victim playing
    Get others to assist you on your mission to defend the boundaries of your beliefs. Express hurt, upset, shock, anything to rally together a troop of followers to console you. Positive affirmation from your comrades is worth more than open discussion with trespassers!
  7. Brand yourself
    All Selfies are to show the best version of ‘you’ – makeup and good lighting a must. Present yourself as you wish to seen by the world (filters are fair game). Personal banners, mantras, inspiring quotes: all these work to represent you, your thoughts, beliefs and opinions. As per point 1, those that hold differing opinions should not dare cross your personal online boundaries, especially when you clearly define your ideals by branding.
  8. Biographies
    The more you say about your ideologies, the better. Even by defining yourself by the challenges of illness, you draw a line which no one should dare cross. If they do, call our their prejudices.
  9. Solidarity
    Unite with others through identifiable iconography, but remember you are an individual (unique in the world individuals). Show your solidarity in a group  (as an individual) by sharing a recognisable emblem, and don’t worry if it may insult others of different beliefs. If used correctly, the right imagery should be able to ward off haters.
  10. Flamewar
    Solidarity didn’t work? Don’t have the time to delete or block? Defend yourself by engaging in heated exchanges of comments. It’s not an argument if they are on your turf!

I hope you saw the humour in my list. As always, please drop me a comment for further discussion.


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