Full exposure, in five points 

So yes, I am attempting to maintain this blog as an anonymous experiment. To start writing again. To share words and thoughts. To get feedback, converse, debate.  However, for this daily prompt post, I am willing to leave a part of me exposed. Here are five things I currently value: - Friends. In the truest… Continue reading Full exposure, in five points 


‘Use with Caution: may have potential side effects’ – Aiken and Alter, two book reviews

Research so far has resulted me in acquiring a stack of books. Potentially enough to operate as a piece of occasional furniture. Not a change to my lifestyle as I am a self-confessed bibliophile -  the more books around me the happier I am. But to put my affliction to some purpose, other than bowing bookshelves and keeping… Continue reading ‘Use with Caution: may have potential side effects’ – Aiken and Alter, two book reviews

‘Shooting Star: Caffeine Injection’ extract

Something different today. A little extract from a shelved project last year.  The sun set around us, smothering burnt sienna with inky murk. Stars; we looked for them, but the depths and layers of smog and smutty cloud covered their gleam. I thought I caught a glimpse, but was immediately corrected by your cutting tone.… Continue reading ‘Shooting Star: Caffeine Injection’ extract

Inconsistencies and Contradictions

In starting to unravel my tangled thoughts regarding social media and cyberpsychology, I have noticed a few contradictions. Cognitive dissonance is the term for it - pairing an opinion with a conflicting set of actions. We justify our actions, knowing they might disagree with our beliefs. I am guilty of just that - cognitive dissonance - and I… Continue reading Inconsistencies and Contradictions

Fear of the Future (A): 1999 in retrospect

You're living in a dream world, Neo.... What can The Matrix tell us of the pre-millennial anxiety of the future? Enter Jean Baudrillard's 'desert of the real' (Simulacra and Simulation [1988]), as poignantly referenced by Morpheus. Depicted on screen as a wasteland, the simulated world of the Matrix connotes Bauldrillard's fall of empires, in this case the result of man's battle… Continue reading Fear of the Future (A): 1999 in retrospect